Inline Realty

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures for Inline Realty, Inc. as per NY Senate Bill S7729

April 6, 2022

As a real estate brokerage firm operating in New York state, Inline Realty, Inc. is required to institute and post publicly its standardized operating procedures for the prerequisites prospective homebuyers must meet prior to receiving any services. Inline Realty does not operate in the residential real estate market and does not work with homeowners for the purpose of buying and selling homes. The licensed real estate brokers at Inline Realty work solely in the commercial real estate market.  However, if the case were to arise, the following includes the list of standard operating procedures that would be required for potential homebuyers:

(i) prospective homebuyer clients shall show photo identification;

(ii) an exclusive broker agreement would be required; and

(iii) pre-approval for a mortgage loan would be required.

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